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Free-spirited MILF Alissa Jayde confesses that she's had sex at every job she's ever had, so it makes sense that she's finally joined the porn industry, where having sex IS her job! This bohemian beauty is all about following her heart, explaining, "I do things with extreme passion, or not at all." Alissa has definitely brought her passion to the adult biz, where even as a new performer, she's quickly making a name for herself for her stunningly intense scenes, not to mention her gorgeous green eyes, toned abs, and perfectly perky tits! Since her debut, Alissa has been reveling in her new career, both because it lets her indulge her appetite for all the fucking she can handle, and because it lets her live the freewheeling lifestyle she adores. This babe enjoys traveling and is always having fun, but most of all, Alissa prizes being free and able to do whatever she likes! When it comes to porn, this beauty is loving her newfound sexual freedom, saying, "Doing porn gave me SO much confidence and happiness." Watch the confident and happy Alissa fulfilling her every desire now.

Name: Alissa Avni
Aliases: Allisa Jayde, Allissa Jayde
Country of Origin: United States
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown

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