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To be a good pornstar, you need a smoking hot body and a sex drive that never quits, but to be a great pornstar, you also need a special kind of imagination. Luckily for adult film aficionados, raven-haired babe Anna Oksana has all three! This vixen has always loved giving her fantasies a workout by reading about elves, superheroes, or aliens and dreaming up hundreds of scenarios where she could join in on their adventures. The more time Anna spent fantasizing, the more she began to think about the sexploits she wanted to be having, and soon this hot coed found herself looking for opportunities to act out all her fantasies in real life! A naughty babe who loves bringing even her wildest BDSM visions to life, Anna took to the adult industry right away. This stunner loves getting the opportunity to dress up as a new character and act out a new sexy daydream every day, and her powerful fantasies are meant to be shared, so join in now!

Name: Anna Oksana
Aliases: Unknown
Country of Origin: United States
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black

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