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Tall Hungarian beauty Dolly Diore's ambitions are as huge as her sex drive; she's setting out to do nothing less than change the world. This stunning brunette has always known she wanted to make her mark, and she's fully committed to doing whatever it takes to realize her desires. With her desire to help people and her natural overpowering interest in the erotic, Dolly at first considered becoming a psychologist specializing in sex. Although this compassionate babe might one day get her degree and start helping patients work out their sexual issues one-on-one, she decided she wanted to make a much bigger impact! When Dolly decided to try out Europe's porn industry, she called up an agency and the very next day found herself on the set of her first ever hardcore scene. Combining her amazing communication skills and her tanned, toned body, Dolly is making the world a better place one orgasm at a time!

Name: Dolly Diore
Aliases: Aaliyah Archer, Dione, Dolly Dior, Dolly Diore
Date of Birth: July 6, 1993
Country of Origin: Hungary
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

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