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Elen Million is a sexy MILF with a teen's spirit for fun and adventure. Once upon a time, Elen was on holiday when she met a younger man of 20 years old. For most of the holiday, Elen made eyes at the man's father. The old man must've felt quite flattered to be getting checked out by the dirty blonde with big tits, but Elen was just trying to get on his good side because it was his son she was after! After five days together, Elen made her move. Impressing the 20 year old with her stories of hobbies like figure skating, fitness, and swimming, she seduced him, and they had mindblowing sex! Elen still reminisces about that holiday, and when she closes her eyes on set, and see the man she had such a great time with!

Name: Elen Million
Aliases: Iskra
Date of Birth: April 21, 1978
Country of Origin: Russia
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde

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