» » » Tana Lea Doesn't Waste Any Time - Tana Lea

Tana Lea Doesn't Waste Any Time - Tana Lea

Tana Lea Doesn't Waste Any Time - Tana Lea

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Description video:
Beautiful redhead Tana Lea sits comfortably in a bed with every inch of her body exposed. Wearing full-face makeup, she puts more emphasis on her eyes and lips than other parts of her face.

Her lips, red as her lustful desires display her pearly white teeth every time she smiles or smirks. Black heavy eyeliner and dark brown eyeshadow accentuate her eyes. She looks like she has a pair of contact lenses on. The color makes her look sexier and expressive.

Tana is openly flirting with the person behind the camera. The way her body leans in forward and her hand gestures seem to be inviting him to come fuck her right away. She stood up and headed out of the camera’s focus.

The next scene cuts into Tana already lying naked on a red sofa that matches her long red locks. Leaving just the golden chain on her neck, pleasure seems to have taken all over her. Her eyes now shut. Her nipples hard as fuck. Her mouth opened widely, ready to suck any big dick at any time now.

James Deen seemed to have begun eating her pussy because her facial expressions change faster than lightning. A hairy arm reaches out to one of her legs to open them widely. Her wet reddish pussy and tingling clit now completely exposed to his eyes.

With pleasure all over her, she arches her back as James thrusts his tongue inside and out of her. The sensation is just too much. She will be cumming soon. She knows. He knows too but it’s not time yet, at least for him. He stopped.

Tana was too disappointed. But before she can even complain, James inserts two fingers inside her already wet and tight half-shaven pussy. That sexual action fucking took her by surprise that almost instantly, she starts caressing her big tits and nipples.

Feeling that she’s ready to release her warm juices now, James tongue-fucked her again, hard. Not even a minute has passed and she cums all over his face.

That was definitely the best pussy-eating session ever. She couldn’t say it out loud but her face says it all.

Tana Lea Doesn't Waste Any Time - Tana Lea

Runtime: 00:40:42
File Size: 2.08 GB
Format: MP4
Type video: 1080 FullHD
Video: AVC, 1920x1080, 30.000 FPS, 7000 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC , 44.1 kHz, 2 channels, 308 kb/s
Info: 590 09-08-19
Release: 2019-08-09
Model: T / Tana Lea

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